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Less severe injuries don’t require a trip to the Emergency Room. Get the immediate treatment you need and save money by letting us take care of you.

At Emediate Cure, our caring, board-certified staff is ready to provide you the urgent care you need when you need it. From cuts to back pain and beyond, our team has the experience and training to treat your injuries. The best part? No appointment is needed, and walk-ins are welcome. The average wait time at an Emediate Cure center is less than one hour.

Here are some of the injuries we treat. If you have questions about a specific injury, please contact us directly.

Sprains, Strains and Bone Fractures

Both sprains and strains are soft tissue injuries. A sprain is an injury to a ligament or joint capsule, which acts like a protective sleeve around a joint. A strain involves injury to a muscle, tendon or group of connected muscles and tendons. A closed fracture is a bone injury that does not break the skin. This is different from an open fracture, which we do not treat. Open fractures break the skin and require emergency treatment, usually surgery. Whether you’ve experienced a sprain, strain or closed fracture, Emediate Cure can quickly provide treatment.

Cuts, Gashes & Lacerations

A cut, or laceration, is a wound that opens or breaks the skin. It is a very common soft tissue injury. Most cuts happen accidentally from activities like cooking, yard work, playing sports or using machinery.

Symptoms of a deep cut include:
  • Bleeding
  • Bruising
  • Pain
  • Swelling

Most cuts are minor, heal quickly, and do not require treatment. Deep cuts, however, can damage underlying tissues, including muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels and bones, and require more extensive treatment. It can take several weeks for a deep cut to heal. If you have had a deep cut or laceration, our team is trained and qualified to provide stitches, sutures or staples to complete your wound care and recovery.

Animal & Insect Bites

Animal bites, domestic or wild, typically result in a minor injury, especially if they don’t break the skin. Bites that do break the skin have the potential to become infected and should be seen by a healthcare professional.

Insect bites can happen at any time of year and often result from culprits such as mosquitoes, fleas, bedbugs, mites, head lice, ticks, chiggers and spiders. Insect bites can result in a range of pain and discomfort, and any severe symptoms should be treated immediately.

Signs of possible infection include redness, swelling, warmth or oozing from the wound. Bites can also cause scarring and lead to rabies (more so with wild animal bites). If you are concerned about your animal or insect bite, the team at Emediate Cure is here to care for you and your family.


Skin rashes can develop from a variety of causes such as heat, plants, chemicals and fabrics. Although many rashes can be treated at home, a severe or persistent rash may require a trip to Emediate Cure for treatment and fast relief.


Heat, chemicals and electricity can cause burns that injure the skin, nerves, blood vessels and internal organs. Burns on the hands, face, feet, genitals and extremities can be particularly dangerous and require immediate medical attention. First-degree burns cause red skin and local pain only. Second-degree burns cause blisters and have more pronounced swelling. Visit an Emediate Cure center for first and second-degree burn treatment.

Removal of Superficial Foreign Objects

Accidents happen, and sometimes you aren’t able to remove a foreign object at home. Our team at Emediate Cure can assist in the removal of foreign objects such as splinters, ticks, fish hooks, tampons, etc. and help with any treatment or recovery needed after the fact.