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5 Reasons Why Now Is the Time To Buy an Emediate Cure Franchise

Emediate Cure Quick Care is on a mission to bring personalized, community-focused healthcare options to cities across the country, offering an alternative to today’s corporate-owned urgent care and healthcare facilities. And it’s a mission that’s striking a chord with potential franchisees at exactly the right moment. 

“I think part of the reason Emediate Cure has been so successful is because we live in the communities that we service and we care deeply about our patients,” said April KubinskiEmediate Cure co-founder. “We run into our patients at grocery stores and around town. We go to a lot of community events, and it’s really rewarding to have an immediate connection with the people we serve.”

Emediate Cure co-founders April Kubinski and Amy Vertin were emergency room nurses who became disenchanted with the status quo of the healthcare industry. As a result, they decided to open their own urgent care clinic in the Chicago suburbs, launching two locations in Joliet and Shorewood, focusing on providing affordable and approachable healthcare for everyone.  

Nearly seven years later, Emediate Cure has become a go-to healthcare resource for patients experiencing non-life-threatening illnesses in the Chicago area and proved itself to be a scalable business model. Now, Kubinski and Vertin are launching franchise opportunities for qualified candidates across the country. And, for potential franchise owners, the timing has never been better. 

The Numbers Prove It: Urgent Care Is a Vital Industry

Estimated at $11.9 trillion, healthcare is one of the biggest industries in the world, accounting for 10% of the gross domestic product of most developed nations. Many have argued, convincingly, that the U.S.’s healthcare system is too business-oriented and that by acting more like corporations than care providers, hospitals have sacrificed quality care and universal accessibility in favor of ever-increasing profits. By pushing back against that trend and offering a community-oriented healthcare resource, Emediate Cure has carved out a valuable position in the industry. 

Now, the urgent care industry is more lucrative than ever. The number of urgent care centers across the country increased from 6,400 in 2014 to 8,100 in 2018, and that trend is only going up. People will always need accessible and affordable options in every community in the U.S. 

Emediate Cure Offers an Advanced Urgent Care Concept

Even before the pandemic, uninsured or underinsured adults often delayed getting necessary health care and emergency treatment in an effort to avoid healthcare bills that can be as much as four times higher than what insured patients are charged. That’s something Emediate Cure is committed to change. 

Emediate Cure is a unique concept that isn’t being replicated. Open seven days a week with extended hours, Emediate Cure provides low wait times and affordable, accessible options for people with and without insurance. As it strives to follow a people-first approach, the brand is bringing back the patient/provider relationship of the past to help build trust with patients and achieve a better diagnosis. 

Take the Opportunity To Give Back During Trying Times

Emediate Cure is actively seeking potential franchise owners who are committed members of their local community and looking for a way to make a real difference, providing vital services that everyone can use and benefit from.

“When we speak to prospective franchise owners, we tell them, ‘This will not just be a clinic that you run — it will be your clinic, in the community you live in,’” said Kubinski. “We want our franchisees and their staff to be known and respected in their communities. It’s not enough just to want to run a great clinic — though that is essential, of course — you also have to go out and meet the people you will be treating. Attend local softball games, movies in the park, festivals, local charity events — just get involved.”

Emediate Cure Owners Come From a Variety of Backgrounds

Potential franchisees with all experience levels and from a variety of different career backgrounds will find success with Emediate Cure. 

For experienced, career investors, Emediate Cure offers a rare entry point into a massive industry. For passionate healthcare providers, the brand offers an alternative to the frustrations of working in corporate hospitals and the opportunity to own their own business while showcasing the value of the owner-run local business. For community-oriented, emerging entrepreneurs, Emediate offers a refined and proven-successful business model that highlights the opportunity to uplift the local community while simultaneously providing strong revenue for its owner. 

Interested Franchisees Have Countless Territory Options

As Emediate Cure launches franchising for the first time, available territories are wide open, allowing prospects to take their pick on the map. Emediate Cure prioritizes finding owners who are members of their community and want to open a center where they live. 

“We plan to grow out in concentric circles to ensure that every franchise location is well supported, and we’re starting close to our home markets in Illinois,” Vertin said. “That said, this is an opportunity that is primed for success in just about any market across the country, so if we find the right franchisee who wants to open up an Emediate Cure in their own community and it’s not in one of our immediate target markets, we will absolutely consider it.”

Vertin said the brand will first target populated areas, ideally where the only current option for patients is an urgent care associated with a local hospital. Yet, according to Vertin, existing urgent care locations are not a competitive risk when scouting potential locations for new Emediate Cure centers.

“We’re currently surrounded by urgent cares, and it doesn’t affect our business,” she said. “People come here because they know who we are and what we can offer. They know that we are a trusted resource for affordable, people-focused healthcare.”

The estimated initial investment to purchase an Emediate Cure Quick Care franchise ranges from $370,000 to $581800, including a $35,000 franchise fee. 

About Emediate Cure

Since 2015, Emediate Cure Quick Care has offered a more personal alternative to corporate-owned practices with its two clinics in the Joliet and Shorewood suburbs of Chicago. By focusing on community and family (both locations are locally and family owned), Emediate Cure has become a go-to healthcare resource for patients experiencing non-life-threatening illnesses in the area. For more information, visit

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