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What Emerging Franchise Brand Emediate Cure Quick Care Is Looking for In Future Franchisees

Emediate Cure, the community-based urgent care provider, has officially entered the franchising industry. With a mission to offer affordable and accessible healthcare treatment in communities across the country, the brand is eyeing rapid expansion. Now, as part of this growth, Emediate Cure is seeking committed and driven franchisees to bring its comprehensive treatment to new territories nationwide.

Co-founders April Kubinski and Amy Vertin both envisioned a better way to limit urgent care wait times after spending years working in the Emergency Room. “We saw the part of the ER that nobody wants to experience,” Vertin said.

While most hospitals are owned by corporations and backed by investors, Emediate Cure’s franchise model allows franchisees to make a difference in the healthcare industry and directly impact their local community without an overbearing corporate presence.

What Emediate Cure Is Looking for in Franchisees

“Our patients are not always able to get in to see their primary care providers,” Kubinski said, “and some of our patients can’t wait three months to see a doctor. For prospective franchisees, an opportunity exists to answer a call for people when their means are running thin.”

Answering that call comes with unpredictable rigors. “We do see patients who have run out of their medication and need an immediate refill. We want them to go back to see their physicians, but if they need blood work that day in order to get the medication they need right away, we’re going to do it,” Kubinski said.

Vertin added, “We take a global look at our patients, and sometimes it might be their only visit. A willingness to serve has been a prerequisite in the Emediate Cure model, and prospective franchisees are subject to providing as comprehensive of a service as they can in a short period of time.”

While the Emediate Cure brand has a preference for physicians or nurse practitioners as prospective franchisees, they are open to considering expansion with experienced business owners. Vertin says the brand’s franchisees don’t need a business background, but a drive and hardworking attitude is essential for success. “Our franchisees have to have that hunger to get patients in the door,” she said.

Additionally, as urgent care providers, Emediate Cure franchisees must adapt to their patients and acknowledge the limitations that some insurance providers might implement. It takes advanced thinking and a sincere look at each patient to adapt to these limitations, and Vertin and Kubinski have shaped the model to accommodate every patient.

What Prospective Emediate Cure Franchisees Can Expect

Both Vertin and Kubinski founded Emediate Cure as a means to satisfy the needs between urgent and primary care. After they began to recognize that traditional urgent care employees had to take on “100 things that were not necessarily [their] job,” the two decided to develop a business model that would allow for future franchisees to develop their own urgent care business in their hometown. And now it’s a business model that has been tested and proven successful for prospective franchisees to emulate. 

With Emediate Cure, Vertin and Kubinski have both become identifiable figures in their community, thanks to a commitment to the people they serve and the premier service they provide. “I truly think part of the reason we’ve been successful is because we live in the community where we work and we care deeply about our patients,” Kubinski said.

Emediate Cure will have a finalized franchise program early this fall, which will kickstart its brand development unlike ever before. Vertin says the brand will target populated areas, ideally where the only current option for patients is an urgent care associated with a local hospital. Yet, according to Vertin, existing urgent care locations are not a competitive risk when scouting potential locations for new Emediate Cure centers. “We’re currently surrounded by urgent cares, and it doesn’t affect our business,” she said. “People come here because they know who we are and what we offer.”

The estimated initial investment to purchase an Emediate Cure Quick Care franchise ranges from $370,000 to $581,800, including a $35,000 franchise fee. For more information, visit

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