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Community-Based Affordable Healthcare: Why Patients Choose Emediate Cure

After many years working in busy trauma-level emergency rooms and various urgent care centers, April Kubinski and Amy Vertin noticed a need for more community-based healthcare. They were worried about how doctor’s visits were turning into a transactional business relationship and getting away from the “care of the patient,” Vertin explained. 

The two decided to address this issue and open their own healthcare center, providing an alternative to the practices of corporate-owned entities. They have since grown Emediate Cure to two locations in Joliet and Shorewood, Illinois, and have recently ventured into franchising. 

“April and I both had a passion for wanting to change healthcare for the better,” said Vertin. “We wanted to bring back strong customer service that treats patients like family. Our front desk will always greet you with a smile. When you leave, somebody in the clinic will tell you to have a great day. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of respect and high-quality care.”

The healthcare professionals at Emediate Cure are invested in patient needs because the brand is a local, family-owned company. Both Vertin and Kubinski live very close to the centers; their kids play sports with some of the children who have come in for care; they run into their patients at the grocery store. The company also supports multiple charities in the Chicago area each year.

“We are truly invested in this community and our patients,” said Vertin. “That holds us accountable and makes us want to give better care because, ultimately, we are going to run into a lot of our patients outside of work. We want them to feel like we gave them a great experience and welcomed them with open arms regardless of why they came to urgent care.” 

The company offers affordable care for various conditions and has great cash prices if insurance is not accepted. They treat entire families and don’t discriminate because of age. The clinics also have extended hours that make it easy to be seen by a provider. 

“When I tell them they can either return to me for a follow-up appointment or go to their primary doctor, nine times out of ten, they’re going to come back to us because we have great hours, and you don’t have to have an appointment to walk in our building,” said Vertin. “So if you’re a busy parent, that convenience is amazing.”

As Emediate Cure branches out into franchising, the company can offer its care to more people. They are currently focusing on local growth goals and have been interviewing potential franchise owners to expand and make a greater impact.

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About Emediate Cure:

Emediate Cure is a community-based urgent care center providing affordable and accessible healthcare options. Since 2015, Emediate Cure has offered a more personal alternative to corporate-owned practices with its two clinics in the Joliet and Shorewood suburbs of Chicago. By focusing on community and family (both locations are locally and family-owned), Emediate Cure has become a go-to healthcare resource for patients experiencing non-life-threatening illnesses in the area. 

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