Same Day Pricing

Out of Network

We understand that you can’t help when you get sick or injured and happen to be traveling out of network, perhaps visiting a close relative or friend. Therefore we try to remain as flexible as possible by offering our patients options for out of network insurance.

We can “courtesy bill” all plans, which means Emediate Cure quick care will submit the claim on the patient’s behalf, and the insurance company may reimburse the patient depending on his or her plan. If your insurance company does not cover the remaining balance of service charges the credit card we have on file will be charged to satisfy the remaining balance.

Often times it will be easier and more cost effective to avoid insurance claims and utilize our prompt pay same day discount at time of visit.  To learn more about our competitive cash prices please feel free to contact us at 815.733.5952


This pricing is offered to all patient who pay in full on the same day as their visit; cash or credit. This is a significant discount off insurance rates! Emediate Cure cannot and will not reduce a bill back to the same day prompt pay pricing once it has been submitted to your insurance provider.

Sick or Injury: $100 to see provider

Special pricing for Military: $50

Sports Physical (18 and under): $25

School Physical $50

Adult Pre-Employment Physical: $75

Follow up Visit: $50
Follow up must be within 2 weeks of initial visit for same complaint

Additional services on day of visit if needed/indicated by provider:

X-ray (Per body part): $50

Rapid in House labs (strep, flu, mono, RSV, Urinalysis): $35

Sutures/stitches: $150

I and D: $150

IV Fluids $150

Post mold/ Cast: $100

Crutches: $30

Injections: $40

12 lead EKG: $60

Breathing Treatment: $40

Ear Irrigation: $25

Call 815-733-5952 for pricing on blood work and other additional services.

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